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From the moment you walk through our front doors, you will know that Adams Screen Printing is dedicated to quality.  Anyone who knows anything about quality knows that it’s all about control.  You have to control the process from beginning to end to know that the product is the best it can be.

At Adams Screen Printing, it begins in the consulting phase.  Adams knows that great designs require the technical expertise to realize a finished product that meets the demands of the customer.  People often underestimate the amount of time and planning that goes into each job.  You have to be an expert in every step of the process.  We believe screen printing is more technically complex than 4 color process printing on paper.

Think about it. You have the garment and all of it’s characteristics like color, thickness, material and ink absorbency. Then there’s the design which requires a seasoned designer to create artwork that will properly render on the garment.  Adams excels in capturing and correcting artwork errors by outside designers before screens are made.  That alone could save the customer the cost of reprinting an entire job.  And of course there’s the actual printing process which requires a tremendous level of precision to achieve a perfect print in terms of placement, color and clarity.  It all comes together with drying, boxing, shipping and ultimately archiving of the project for reprinting.

When considering a wholesale screen printing company to work with you need to also know their logistical capabilities.  Adams Screen Printing doesn’t continually run all day every day because there’s that much wholesale screen printing business in the Atlanta area.  We run that much because our wholesale customers know they can count on us to not only turn around a superior product but we can also deliver it on schedule as promised.  UPS and FEDEX pick up every single day and sometimes twice daily getting our wholesale orders out the door and into our customer’s hands.  Logistics alone could separate us from the competition.

All wholesale screen printing orders receive the same care and attention no matter the size.  Adams consults with the customer to ensure the right garments are chosen.  Then they review the artwork so that efficiencies can be gained and sometimes costs can be reduced.  Once the films are made, they are reviewed simultaneously by the art department and production team to make sure nothing is overlooked.  They know that any printing is only as good as the artwork.

Once the screens are made the meticulous process of setting up the press begins.  Every single screen and working part of the press has to be in perfect alignment.  All inks have to be custom mixed and tested for color correctness.  Then after all of the technical checklists are complete, some test prints are run and then reviewed by the entire team.  Quality is paramount once on press.

After the garments are printed and have made their journey through the oven then it’s time for hand folding and one final check for quality.  Adams Screen Printing not only checks their work for quality, they are also checking every single garment for flaws like poor stitching, holes and anything else irregular to the garment.  Adams doesn’t make the garments and apparel but once they print it, they take full ownership of the end product.

It’s easy to see why Adams Screen Printing is the benchmark for wholesale screen printing in the Atlanta area and across the southeast.  Save yourself a lot of grief by avoiding suppliers who can only claim to do it cheaper and faster.  What matters is an end product that your customers will be proud to wear.  If your customers won’t wear the product, the whole point of creating screen printed apparel and garments is a loss to you and your business.

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